Wednesday, December 28, 2011

No Time Like the Present

     So I have decided to put the shop on a small hiatus so that I can do new pictures and make it look fresh and inviting. I also have a jam packed year so far for 2012 with art and spiritual challenges that I am going to be focusing on. I would really like to sell the jewelry that I have in the shop before I make anymore. I got a new digital camera for a Christmas present and it takes really decent pictures so I can re-do all the pictures. That is going to be a time consuming job which is why I think putting the shop on vacation will take the added pressure off. 
     I am really excited about the upcoming Book of Days project! I've got the cover and my inside page done and being a total newb at this I'm happy with my journal so far. I know I am going to learn a lot as I go along, and I am very excited about that because I am going to try some of these techniques with making jewelry. Plus I am going to document my spiritual practice challenge in my art journals. That is going to tie in nicely with everything that I am doing in the new year. I figure I might as well jump in with both feet like a typical Aries and run with it! 
     I need to find my niche at Etsy as far as my jewelry goes. There are so many sellers and I would say just about all of them make beautiful stuff. I look at the competition and go, "yeah, I don't stand a chance". I need to re-focus and branch out a little. Having a shop full of stuff that doesn't sell isn't going to start the new year off right. Re-inventing yourself is a good thing and sometimes necessary. This new year is going to be all about believing and change, and there is no time like the present to start! 

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