Saturday, December 24, 2011

New Year, New Focus

    The hardest part about pulling together a business is sticking with it when it gets tough. I plan on revamping the shop with the down time that I have now. I need to take new pictures and re-tag. I need to get a plan together and really knuckle down and put it out there. I plan on starting another jewelry line in the new year. This one is going to be different from Tribe Zen. It is going to have a darker, gothy, steampunk feel to it. I have narrowed down a name and I'm excited about it. I have many ideas pounding around in my head, being a spiritual creative I tend to see things in my head first. My focus is to get both businesses running and making them full time jobs. Not an easy thing to do in this economy and there is quite a bit of competition on etsy. So I plan on building up a strategy and working non-stop. 
     I got a boost of confidence with what I have managed to sell so far, and with the shop only being opened for a little over a month that is not bad. The hard part is keeping momentum and building a customer base. I have to look at what I make and try to make it stand out from everyone else's. Jewelry is not easy to sell and I know this. But with the right amount of build up and work I can make it happen. I am going to use all the resources I can to get Tribe Zen out there. That in itself is a full time job! And adding the second line is going to keep me busy! I know there is a niche for what I make, it is just putting it out there and finding the right buyers. I intend to do just that and make Tribe Zen grow into something successful.   

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