Friday, November 25, 2011

Spiritually Creative

For me being creative comes from a spiritual place. I have been making and designing jewelry for well over ten years now and I decided to get back into it recently. I have an etsy shop where I am selling my jewelry and so far it has been slow. Being the new kid on the block it is to be expected. My mission is not lose the real meaning behind why I create: because it is being spiritual for me. I get into my Zen side when I making a piece and it brings an inner peace that I can't explain. In Buddhism we want to find out livelihood, what brings us happiness and what we can do to make all beings happy. Creating jewelry for me is what makes me happy and can make others happy. 

Creativity isn't something you are just "born" with, it is inside of all of us. You just have to dig deep and find it. Being creative is just another side of you and you would be surprised to find how spiritually satisfying it can be.    

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